Airsoft GI (GI Toys) was launched in 2003 and has quickly become America's #1 retailer of airsoft guns and accessories. Airsoft GI is a company run by airsoft players for airsoft players. Almost all of Airsoft GI's employees play airsoft on a regular basis, and if one were to add up all the years of playing experience from the employees at Airsoft GI the sum would be over 50 Years! That's 50 years of playing experience for all different types of play; CQB, woodland, Milsim operations, and pick- up games (speedball).


Airsoft GI has grown from a small operation to more than 30,000sq/ft facility thanks to their solid customer base that continues to come back, because they know that nobody can take care of them better than Airsoft GI can. Airsoft GI's mission is to continue to expand and positively influence the airsoft community for years to come.